January 25, 2010

Ask Mary Ann 513

Letter 1

Dear Mary Ann,

I was writing to find out why with every house I move to, it seems like someone is there. My daughters, my niece and I have all been able to see things since we were younger. I happen to have dreams after people pass. They come to tell me they are fine and ask me to pass on the message. Is there something going on with us? Stuff like this has happened to my family for generations. Any answer you could provide would be great. Thank you for your time and patience.


Hi Kristie,

A lot of times people that have abilities or gifts do run from one generation to another in families.

You have to realize, just because you have an earthbound spirit in your present house and you move, there is no rule that says the spirit cannot move with you! They can do what ever they want, who is going to stop them?

When you dream of people that have died, that means they are not earthbound. They are where they are supposed to be. That is wonderful news. You are doing a great job by giving the loved ones messages from the people that have died.

Keep up the good work!

Mary Ann


Hello Mary Ann,

I read a posting from Ghost Whisperer on My Space, stating that you are taking questions. I consider myself a great fan of GW and a great believer in the spirit world.

My question is regarding my sister. She unfortunately became heavily involved in Vicodin after an injury.  Her energy radically changed and I believe she attracts negative energies around her in this state. She stayed with me for a short time, and we were convinced my condo was haunted. Closet doors open after I know I closed them, and this really weird energy around the house. I am empathic and sensitive to energy.

Is it possible that the house wasn’t haunted, but a not so nice energy is traveling with her? I have experienced weird energy in the past but usually pleasant. This experience was much more intense and negative. Can lost spirits connect themselves with altered individuals?  

Soon after my sister moved out, she spun out of control and has not really returned to normal. Is there such a thing as a walk-in? Spirits who can assume control of a weak mind?

I hope my questions aren’t too out there, just curious. I know drugs drastically change people, it’s almost easier to believe in a walk-in.

Thanks for what you do and for taking the time to read my e-mail.

All the Very Best,


Dear Melina,

Thank you for being such a loyal fan to Ghost Whisperer. It is fans like you that make each episode so exciting.

Grandmas always watch over us whether they are alive or dead. If you have a photo taken of you and there are orbs, one of them could be grandma.

Orbs are photos of spirits, angels, spirit guides, or relatives that have passed over. If the orb is blank in the middle it is just a dust spot, but if there is a design in the middle it is the real thing. It can be colored or sparkly, you want orbs in pictures!

I am so sorry that you sister is going through this challenge. You are correct, negative energy does attract negative energy, and it could be in the form of a negative earthbound spirit. This is not uncommon for people that have an alcohol or drug addiction.

About your condo being haunted, unfortunately people that live in apartments, condos, or any type of dwelling where there are a lot of families under a common roof, have earthbound spirits in and out. An earthbound spirit does not eat or sleep, they need human energy to keep going. Condos and apartments are like a smorgasbord for an earthbound spirit. They can come and go from every unit, picking the units where they can get the most energy. Your sister’s energy would be because of her addiction.

I am sure your sister’s negative energy and or negative earthbound spirits left with her, but no, she does not have a walk in. That only happens in extreme situations, however if there is a negative earthbound spirit with her, it could be influencing her to stay on the drugs.

Thanks for the email, hope this answers your concerns.

Mary Ann

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