May 17, 2010

Ask Mary Ann 522

Hi Mary Ann,
I have built a new house on a property that had a house on it before mine. The former house was built a really long time ago and they took it down cause it was really old and no one lived in it. But, I feel sometimes there is something going on at the property or inside the house. Someone is playing with the lights in the house. I know I turn them off and then next day when I walk inside the room or garage, lights are on. Sometimes I hear a radio playing or it sounds like a family is sitting in the living room and chatting with each other. I just want to see who lives here besides me. I live alone in the house. But I’ve had a couple of my friends pass away in a period of 10 years. Maybe one of them is trying to hang around me. Or may be there is something they want to tell me? Is there any curse on me from somewhere from any point of my past that could be haunting me?

Hi Andrey,
Your house was built on grounds that a previous structure was on, so it is possible that it is an earthbound spirit on the property.
Everything that you have described, an earthbound spirit can do, however I can not tell from a letter or email who it is.
As far as your dead friends, have you ever had a dream of them? If so, it is not them, and that is how you can talk to your dead friends in a dream. Earthbound spirits can not get into a dream.
I also can not tell from a letter or email if you have a curse on you, but the three ways negative energy (curse) affects people would be, and in no particular order, health, finances, and relationships. You would know this better than me.
Having your home blessed by an ordained priest or minister, (one word of caution, do not get holy water and sprinkle it about yourself, this will not help.) Also smudging will help with earthbound spirits and negative energy. There is also more information on negative energy on my web site www.maryannwinkowski.com <http://www.maryannwinkowski.com/> .
This information should help.
Mary Ann

I don’t know how to start! I’ve just wondered. Have you actually seen a ghost, or spirit? I always question whether they look like they did when alive in our world or if they take on some other form. I believe our bodies are a shell for our soul.
I really want to know!! Thank you!!!
Dear JJ,
Lots of people have asked me your questions. I see earthbound spirits all of the time, and I see them the same way that they looked when they were alive. You are right; our bodies are a shell for our soul.
The ghosts that I see are not bloody, missing parts and pieces, they are fine. The body is what is diseased or injured from an accident. The spirit is whole.
Earthbound spirits stay in the same species. Humans stay human spirits, dogs stay dog spirits, cats stay cat spirits, etc.
There is all kinds of information in my book, “When Ghosts Speak” that should be able to answer all your questions in the future.
Mary Ann


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